NAWAPI 10th Year Anniversary

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) of Vietnam is responsible for state management in the fields of land; water resources; mineral resources, geology; environment; meteorology; climate change; surveying and mapping; islands and sea; as well as public services in these sectors. Regarding water sector, MONRE is responsible for (1) Guiding and organizing implementation of legal documents and policies; (2) Guiding and assessing the implementation of strategies, projections and general programs on water resources incl. prevention from degradation and depletion of water resources (3) Guiding and assessing the implementation of regulations on water extraction. (4) Developing, managing and operating a national network for monitoring water resources. (5) Appraising sectorial water use projections, projects of inter-basin water diversion developed by ministries, sectors and/or provinces. (6) Guiding and assessing the issuance and withdrawal of licenses on water resources as defined in legal documents. (7) Implementing methods to prevent water resources pollution and revival of degraded and depleted water sources. Website:

National Center for Water Planning and Investigation (NAWAPI) is a state water authority under of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) of Vietnam with functions to implement all activities related to Investigation, Planning, and Monitoring of Water Recourses – both surface- and ground waters including water quantity and quality, throughout the country. NAWAPI now has over 1000 technical staff with headquarter in Hanoi and almost 30 sub-divisions in different parts of the country.  During last four decades, NAWAPI has been implementing a number of water related domestic to international projects with annual budget of over 6 million USD per year. Website: