Wastewater: Treatment & Reuse

The combination between rapid growth population and climate change is a main reason for water shortages in many areas across the nation. In response to this problem, some wastewater professionals are reusing treated wastewater and have found it to be a reliable alternative water source. In addition to conserving highly treated, expensive drinking water, wastewater reuse reduces the release of nutrient-rich wastewater into environmentally stressed streams and rivers reducing environmental pollution. It is rising awareness that wastewater can be viewed as a resource, fresh water containing plant nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium). In the groundwater, these nutrients are a pollutant, but on a growing crop or turf, they are resources. After reused, they disappeared to not pollute the groundwater supply.

With the presence of experts from Australia, China, Germany, Malaysia, and Vietnam, this workshop is aimed to share their experiences and practices in terms of wastewater treatment and reuse in their countries.

  • Moderators

Dr. Nguyen T.  Minh Ngoc, Email: ngoctmnguyen@gmail.com – GIZ, Germany

  • Date & Venue

8.30 am – 10:00 am, March 05th, 2018

Blue Diamond Room 1, ALMAZ 1st Floor

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Session Duration
Session plan in detail Order Presentation / Discussion topic Confirmed speakers
1 Introduction
2 Good Practices and Development of a Management Partnership for Optimized Wastewater Management in Vietnam Stefan Böttger

Tilia GmbH, Germany

3 Research on large-scale steady state flow field and particle tracking of test area Yun-Chen Yu

Sun Yat-sen University,China

4 Improvement of COD and ammonium removal from domestic wastewater by activated aerobic granular sludge Nguyen Sang

National Center for Technological Progress, Vietnam

5 Developed environmentally friendly waste water treatment technology for cold water aquaculture in Vietnam Trinh Ngoc Tuan

Research Institute for Aquaculture Vietnam, Vietnam

6 Water Treatment by UV with Crossfire  technology Jose M.Gonzalez

International Sales

7 Decolourisation of Highly Concentrated Palm Oil Mill Biogas Plant Wastewater by Ferric Chloride-Calcium Lactate-Anionic Polyacrylamide assisted Sand Filtration Dexter Zick Donny

Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia

8 Dissemination of Decentralized wastewater treatment solutions (DEWATS) in Vietnam and its sustainable effectiveness Quang Vinh NGUYEN
Institute for Water and Environment, Vietnam
9 Panel Discussion All speakers
Stefan Böttger

Tilia GmbH, Germany

Yun-Chen Yu

Sun Yat-sen University, Vietnam

Nguyen Sang

National Center for Technological Progress, Vietnam

Trinh Ngoc Tuan

Research Center for Cold water Aquaculture, Research Institute for Aquaculture Vietnam

Jose M.Gonzalez

International Sales

Dexter Zick Donny

Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia

Quang Vinh NGUYEN

Chief of General Laboratory Department

Institute for Water and Environment