Water Accounting Experiences in Vietnam and other Asian Countries

Water Accounting procedures have for a long time been difficult to implement due to the necessity to have a dense network of hydro-meteorological observations. Water Accounting Plus is a new framework that has been rolled out in various countries in Asia, and itis based on open access earth observation data. The conditions of easily available measurements from space makes it relatively make river basin scans if a very specific procedure is strictly followed. The session will discuss some major principles of the WA+ and show results of Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and India.

The remote sensing-based estimates of rainfall, evapotranspiration, and soil moisture and river flow have been validated with ground measurements. WA+ can be utilized to prepare water resources plans at river basin and national scale. The session will discuss how the public and private sectors can benefit from the spatially distributed data and WA+ fact sheets for policy making and setting target values of key performance indicators. Scientists, policy makers and NGO’s will be invited to provide presentations as an introduction to the plenary discussions.

Prof. Wim Bastiaanssen; UNESCO-IHE

Session Duration 90min
Session plan in detail Order Estimated lead time (min) Presentation / Discussion topic Confirmed speakers
1 15 Introduction the needs for water accounting Dr. Laurant Umans (Royal Netherlands Embassy)
2 15 A systematic reporting of water resources of all major river basins in Vietnam Prof. Wim Bastiaanssen (IHE)
3 15 Validation of water accounts in all major rivers of Thailand Prof. Sriwasong Nutchanart (Kasetsart University)
4 15 Water use and water stress by crops and ecosystems in Cambodia Dr. Ty Nomkom (MOWRAM, Cambodia)
5 15 Hydrological Model Using Ground- and Satellite-based Data for River Flow Simulation towards Supporting Water Resource Management in the Red River Basin, Vietnam Duc Luong NGUYEN, Ph.D
National University of Civil Engineering, Vietnam
6 30 Panel discussion All the speakers moderated by ADB
Dr. Laurant Umans

(Royal Netherlands Embassy)

Prof. Wim Bastiaanssen


Prof. Sriwasong Nutchanart

(Kasetsart University)

Dr. Ty Nomkom

(MOWRAM, Cambodia)

Duc Luong NGUYEN

Lecturer & Researcher

National University of Civil Engineering, Vietnam

 Given the importance of educating younger generations about the need to care for water on several fronts, in 2003 the UNESCO-IHE Institute was founded in Delft, Holland, for water-related education. The institute performs research, training and capacity-building activities on water-related topics. UNESCO-IHE continues the work begun in 1957, when IHE first offered a graduate programme on water engineering for the practice of professionals from developing countries

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