Media Partners

VTV1 is an important television channel in the national television network of Vietnam. The main content of the chanel is the news programs, social-economic policy news…. vtv1.htm

Vietnam News Agency (VNA) is a governmental agency and the official information agency of the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. VNA performs the function of State news agency in distributing information and official documents of the Party and State, provide information to serve the leadership requirements of the Party and State management…

VTC14 is specialized television channel on environment, prevention and mitigation of natural disasters, threats to serve the community

GlobalPost is a online chanel which has produced insightful reporting about international events and issues for a worldwide audience
Global Water Intelligence is organnization which tell people  where their next dollar is coming from by tracking major water projects around the world from conception to contract award and discuss with them the emerging trends in the industry to help you formulate strategy in a rapidly changing world