Plenary Session on “Water and SDGs”

It is a fact that not only water is a pivotal resource for life on Earth, but also its tendency to be scared, which should be drawing a great deal of attention in terms of starting to work with economic and environmental management. The total amount of renewable freshwater available from precipitation on the Earth surface maintained almost the same through years while the water use for human needed multiple six-fold, mainly due to the increase in water consumption for food production and industrial activities. The increased use of water has also meant an increase in waste water. In many places, especially in developing countries, a large portion of release waste water is either treated improperly treated or untreated at all. More than 40% of habitants on Earth rely on trans-boundary rivers which require strategic policy to manage and allocate the water resources effectively between conflicting users. In 2015, UN-Water Annual International Conference has proposed goal for “ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation”  Through this session, it will constantly be discussed by Asia Water Council, IWRA and other global experts to contribute new insights in sustainable development goals for people and planet in the future.

  • Moderators

Ministry of Natural Resouces and Environment (MONRE), Vietnam

  • Date & Venue

10:00am – 11:30pm, March 03th, 2018

Pink Diamond Room, ALMAZ Convention Center 1st Floor

Session Duration 90min
Session plan in detail Order Estimated lead time (min) Presentation / Discussion topic Confirmed speakers
1 5 Opening speech Tran Hong Ha

Minister of Vietnam’s MONRE

2 10 Keynote speak 1 Hak Soo Lee

Chairman of Asia Water Council and Asia Int. Water Week

3 10 Keynote speak 2 Mr. Kamal Malhotra

United Nations Resident Coordinator

5 40 Panel discussion Tong Ngoc Thanh,

Chairman of VACI2018, DG of NAWAPI/MONRE

Thomas Panella,

the Water Sector Advisor, Head Office of the Asian
Development Bank

Madhu Raghunath,

Program Manager,Worldbank

Mr. Károly Kovács,

President, Hungarian Water Cluster & European Water

Dr. Nidal Salim,

Citizen Process Representative, the 8th World Water
Forum 2018

Mr. Ferdz Dela Cruz,

President and CEO of Manila Water


Country Director,the International Union for
Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Mr. Lars Ronnås,

Swedish Ambassador for Climate Change

  Tran Hong Ha

Minister of Vietnam’s MONRE

Hak Soo Lee

Chairman of Asia Water Council and Asia Int. Water Week

Mr. Kamal Malhotra

United Nations Resident Coordinator

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam